Agribond Plus

(Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminium Silicate)

Mycotoxin absorbent for animal feeds

Mode of Action:

Adsorbs and retains the mycotoxins in vitro and in vivo at gastronintestinal level and are excreted by way of the faeces. Mycotoxicity is eliminated or diminished, allowing for better absorption of nutrients.

In vitro and in vivo studies have shown that it is capable of adsorption of the following mycotoxins:
Aflatoxin B1, Citrinin, T-2 Toxin, Vomitoxin, Ochratoxin A, Fumonisin B1, Zearalenone, Combination of mycotoxins.

AGRIBOND Plus is a high affinity sorbent that binds mycotoxins found in feeds. In this bound form the harmful toxins pass through the alimentary tract of the bird or animal to be voided in the faeces. AGRIBOND Plus thereby helps prevent the absorptions of mycotoxins into the body and so protects the animal against their harmful, often fatal, effects.

AGRIBOND Plus is not absorbed by the body, its action is purely local and is a direct effect of its physical and electrical properties. AGRIBOND Plus traps afloxtoxins as a result of the electrostatic attraction to aluminium ions, when mixed with water. It has an enormous surface area so that it can act as a liner inside the intestine. Electronic microscope pictures have shown the intestinal cells being covered by the suspension. The electrical properties of AGRIBOND Plus make it absorb bacteria and toxins in the intestine so that they can be eliminated with the clay.


  • has the ability to bind a wide range of mycotoxins
  • is a low cost/high return on investment
  • has a low effective inclusion rate in feed
  • rapidly and uniformly disperses in feed during mixing
  • is stable during feed processing (especially pelleting and extrusion) and storage
  • has no binding affinity for vitamins, minerals, drugs and other nutrients
  • is non-toxic
  • has a high stability over a wide range of conditions (including pH, temperature and humidity)
  • is biodegradable and environmentally friendly after excretion


Powder, light olive brown in colour.


As a toxin binder and anti-caking agent for animal and poultry.


1-5 kg/per tonne of feed or as directed by your nutritionist.

Pack size:

25kg Multi-Layer paper bags with inner PE lining


Keep cool and dry, expiry 2 years from manufacture

Chemical Analysis & Physical Properties:

SiO2 Silica 66.84%
Al2 O3 Aluminium 12.62%
Fe2 O3 Ferric 5.56%
MgO Magnesium 1.36%
CaO Calcium 1.09%
Na2O Sodium 0.96%
K2O Potassium 1.20%
H2O Crystal Water 10.37%
Specific Gravity: 2.6
Loss on ignition 1000°C 1 hour: 5.66
pH (5% suspension): 9.6 – 10
Size: 98% passing 200 mesh
85% passing 300 mesh