Protected Fat


PROTECTED FAT is a hydrogeneted fat produced from palm oil fatty acids, named also unsaturated fat. It is also a rumen protected fat, which has no negative influence on the function of the rumen.

It is based on high digestible palm oil fatty acids, which only be used in the small intestine of the cattle. Therefore the product is high digestible, and is a high energetic feed supplement for high lactation cows.

Fulfil the energetically supply for high lactation cows:

The developments in the breeding have shown, that cow’s with 40 litres milk production per day in the first month of lactation are not a rarity. These high genetic potential leads too many problems, as the fulfilling of supply with energy is not possible in the high lactation time. The dry matter intake of the cattle is the limited fact. A ration fulfilling the rumen needs with approx. 18% raw fibre in dry matter is sufficient until approx. 30 kg milk. The missing energy for the capacity from 30 kg milk, the cow has to mobilise from own reserves. Through the quite fast exploitation of fat depot it could come to disturbance of the metabolism (Acetonemie) and liver demages. The results are lower lactation and milk production as well as disturbance in the fertility. The best animals of the group are getting lost through mistakes in the feeding. The increase of the energetically value through carbonic hydrates leads to disturbance of the rumen flora and decreases the pH level. The animals react with a deprivation on appetite, lower fat level in the milk, decreases of milk production and metabolic -and fertility problems.

PROTECTED FAT consist 99 % hydrogenated vegetable fatty acids from palm oil, which cerates no negative influence on the rumen bacteria’s life and the process in the rumen. Through the protected form of the fat with a higher melting point of 54 – 55 °C the fat will be only broken in the small intestine and is available after the desorption for forming the milk fat.

The rumen flora is not be influenced or disturbed by our product. The pH-value in the rumen stays on his optimal effect. The animals have appetite and are feeling well. Only on these conditions the milk- and fat performance is optimal and their fertility and health will be kept.

Application of PROTECTED FAT:

We recommend, using daily 100 gram PROTECTED FAT,  2 3 weeks before calf birth and after calving increase to 300 gram, within further 4 weeks until maximum 600 g per cow and day.

PROTECTED FAT can be mixed into the ration or can be added to the compound feed with 5%. Compound Feed with rumen protected fat can be produced without any problem and can be used without any risk for their health. The direct usage via feed compound trailers is as well possible as via special additives, which can be given in dosages with 1,0 – 3,0 kg per cow and day.

Advantages of PROTECTED FAT

  • The save protected fat is without any negative influence on the digestion in the rumen.
  • High digestible source of energy
  • Favourable and useful method to secure the supply of energy to milking cows
  • Additional energy prevent problems before calving and metabolic disturbances (Acitose, Acetonemie)
  • Balanced feeding lead to shorter periods between calving and longer life of the cows
  • Increase of fat- and protein value of the milk
  • The milk performance will be increased also with at the same time a lower lactation curve
  • The protected form stays during all production steps in the compound feed
  • Usage in not palletized and palletized feed possible

Product Details

Description hydrogenated (unsaturated) Fat, produced from Palm oil fatty acid
Name Quality Fat
Type hydrogenated Palm oil fatty acid
Smell and taste customary
Appearance ginger coloured and flutter,fine pearls

Chemical Composition

Raw Fat 99.00 %
Raw Ash 0.15 %
Moisture 0.50 %
Free Fatty Acids approx. 85.00 %

Energy Value

MJ NEL approx. 24.50 / kg
MJ NE approx 35.89 / kg

Fatty Acids Composition

C 14 Myristic-Acid 1 – 2 %
C 16 Palmitic-Acid 45-50 %
C 18 Stearin-Acid 42-47 %
C 18:1 Oilic-Acid 2 – 8 %

Melting Point 

54-55 °C


Protected Fat is a rumen protected energy source, which only be used in the small intestine of the cattle. Protected Fat is a high digestible and high energetically feeding supplement. This product is developed to feed high lactation cows.


25 kg Bags, Big Bags at 600 kg or 1200 kg, loose in bulk