Testimonials from some of our customers

VitaTrace Nutrition Ltd has been working with Farmavet Ltd for over 15 years. Our company produces vitamin and mineral premixes for livestock production and we are based in Cyprus. Our products are exported to various countries across the world including Greece, Egypt, Lebanon and the Middle East. Farmavet Ltd has supplied our company with high quality raw materials from all over the world and our cooperation has been highly professional, prompt and prices have always been provided at the best market rate possible. As a company, we highly recommend Farmavet Ltd as a supplier of raw materials and Mrs Joan Kerrigan, the General Manager of Farmavet Ltd has always personally responded to all our supply needs in order to keep business running smoothly.
Alexandros Angastiniotis, Vitatrace Nutritian Ltd

At Dakahlia, producing 500,000 tons of feed and 120 million day old chicks per year requires sourcing proper quality ingredients and materials. For over 15 years we have been relying on Farmavet as our trustworthy supplier of top quality feed additives, pharmaceuticals and other inputs to the poultry and animal feeds industries. We know that we can always trust Farmavet to source the right quality ingredients, to have shipments delivered in time, to communicate well with us and with raw material manufacturers, and to give us a fair price for materials supplied.

Khaled Al Anani , Dakahlia